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26 January 2007

running from the cops, well not quite but running from someone

The first week of school was rather amusing, especially since we didnt have to go to school the first 2 days due to snow. Instead my time was spent hanging around in Heep (shocking I know) working on getting stuff ready for the semester. That extra 2 days really helped give me a little more time to recover from Guatemala. Whartons lab continues to leak, I was over there till midnite on Sunday helping JAC and Wharton try and engineer a way to channel the water coming in. We were joined by some physical plant guy who pretty much said we had come up with a better solution than they had at the moment. The entire lab is full of tarps and tubes leading to the sink its pretty crazy. The hole in the roof is big enough you can actually see it from the ground looking up apparently one of hte spot welds broke- gotta love low low low bid contractors. After using clay from the micoroscope stands to channel the water we decieded enough dammage had been done for one night and called it a night. Me and JAC went to his place and played CatchPhrase with his roommates, its a pretty fun game, similar to taboo but less restrictions.

The original plan had been to go to AZ the weekend after school started to pick up the bird. JAC was going to come with me since he didn't want me driving all the way by myself, but most of the route was suppose to get snow, so we decided to postpone to the following weekend. I talked to Ralph and he said they were suppose to get a bad storm through and since the ground was frozen it would probabily stick pretty good, and he basicly forbid me from going. At that point I was already quesitoning going anyway, if it had been just me i would have gone, but I wouldn't put JAC at risk due to my own stubronness. So thrusday night rather than packing we went over to Stephen and Dasiys for dinner. Daisy, Maria, and Annaliese watched Grays anatomy then we all watched Monster Truck Rally. After watching that and then some hunting shows on the outdoor network we decided we should go try and shoot some birds. So me, JAC, Maria, and Stephen loaded up in stephens truck with a couple pellet guns and took off for tcwc, followed by annaliese and will. We got to TCTW and parked the truck. THere was a truck near the herbearium enterance, but we didnt see anyone so we walked over to the nature trail. Stephen heard a bird in the grass but none of us could find it, so we took off again. We walked a good ways through the trail but no luck, so we started just playing aournd out there. we came to a gully with a pipe across it so JAC the showoff walked across it. I decided to stick to the ground and ran across the gully. We made it back to the fence and this time rather than walking the extra 200yrds to the gate decided to go though the locked gate. We all made it through without too mcuh problem, ecept for will who climbed over the fence. As we made it across we realized that the truck had its lights on now so we all ran across the grass hiding our guns and dove behind various objects. Me, JAC, and maria ended up behind one of the trailers. Stephen ran to the truck and jumped inside and was going to come pick us up. We jumped in and threw the guns under the seat and out of view. The truck started looping around into the parking lot we were in and we elected annalise to go talk to the guy since everyone likes her. So she went over there and we all stayed in the trucks. They talked for a bit and then he drove off. She came back and told us hed asked what we were doing and she told him we were doing our ornitholgy project and listening for owls. It wasnt anyone from our dept. so they didnt know any better. It was great fun.

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