Life as a falconer, insect systematist, and double Masters Student (or a look into the mind of someone who is questionably sane).

17 June 2006

well im back in the us of a. It was quite an adventure. We had to leave all the bugs in dominica due to a moritorium on exportation of biological specimens that was voted on last tuesday and went into effect on wensday- we applied for our permit on wensday. Typical. We found out on friday at 715, by 716 cammack and I had taken stock of all shampoo bottles on station and by 725 woolley had come and said no bugs were leaving the island without a permit. On monday Nancy was able to get the minister to allow a few of the bugs out for our vouchers so hopefully they make it to TAMU fine.

Since arriving back in tx on tuesday ive worked some, went to san antonio and austin with cammack to get by bird, return some stuff to rei and get woolley his early birthday present. We got him a leatherman since he lost his at middleham falls and wrapped it in a cladogram. Thursday I spent the day doing neurop drawings. It took me all morning to do this one asclaphid since Oz kept saying the juggal area was not supposed to be notched and rounded. Well just before lunch he looked it up and guess what it was notched and rounded. After dinner me cammack aubrey and mika got together and watched The Ringer and hung around. Discovered a new drink- chocolate syrup and peperment schnopps, tastes like york peperment patties. Friday I went to my first thesis defence- so far I agree with my friends mom who said that International Science Fair SRC commitee defences was more stressful than her phd thesis defence. Hopefully mine goes as well as kyras did. And Im unofficially taking 24 hours next semester since ill be sitting in on woolleys systematics class.

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