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03 June 2006

day 5- we hiked to an abandoned fort then to a hilltop where you could see both the atlantic and carribean at the same time. It was pretty dang cool. We set up 2 malaise traps at this stop then went to syndicate- a national park with a huge parrot population. There are 2 species of endemic parrot on the island, i saw a bunch of the common species but none of the rarer species. None of them flew down and attacked me which with my track record with parrot attacks is pretty impressive. Me and Cammack got sent to put up 4 malaise traps while the rest of the class watched more parrots. The first 3 were beautiful set ups with great positioning and deployment. The last trap was set up in near dark with woolley yelling at us from the trail to hurry up. I guess when they got to the van and it got close to dark and we still wernt back yet woolley went back in after us. Cammack and I got the trap up for the most part but its by no means perfect. We met woolley on the trail who then took off running down the path after telling us good job. So we had a nice run out of the forest at dark, kinda exciting. The best part though was on the way Cammack saw a lamperid and since I had both nets I handed him one mid stride and he caught tbe bug without missing a step. Pretty impressive. So I learned 2 things today- 1 never leave without a flashlight even if you expect to be back before dark and 2 when setting up malaise traps always bring duct tape for patch jobs.

Day 6- Went to church today. It was basicly the same as Mass at home with a few minor wording changes. The rytheme of the responces was also a bit different. There were 8 baptisms and 57 confirmation preperation deals. Next week will be the 57 confirmations so the Bishop will be there. Hopefully another autograph for the bishop's autograph collection. There was a dove nesting on one of the eves in the church so all through the Mass this bird would fly in though a window, go to the nest feed the nestling and take off. Shed sometimes perch on the piping suspended from the ceiling. Kinda cool. We also got the lab set up back at Springfield, Cammack and I have already staked out a lab table and the 2 best scopes.

Day 7- Pretty much just hung around the station today helping people with their projects. One girl is working on Roaches so we needed a good bait. The 2 baits of choice are beer & bread or fruit. Beetle people like to use brown sugar and let it ferment also. So I suggested a combonation of the 3- beer, brown sugar, and fruit pieces. We convinced woolley to buy beer in town for the bait since we didnt want to use kabuli (the dominica beer of choice, sort of like a corona), so he said hed get some Gunises since roaches would like a nice flavorfull beer. Lacher wasnt into the idea at first but woolley convinced him so we got our bait mix. That night we had a guy from ROSTI- a sea turtle group that works to get locals involved with nesting sea turtles in hopes that once they see the animals egg and turtle poaching will decline. Its been really successful here on the island. Well thats all for now

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