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10 June 2006

Day 11- we went to town so I could get my Ham Radio License. My Dominican call is J79HDR got to pick the last 3 letters figured may as well reduce confusion and stick with my old call. It was an adventure finding the place since there are no street signs in Roseau but we found it eventually. It had to be signed by the minister of communication so I got to go to the government building also to do that. Almost didnt get it that day since the woman who writes recipts was gone for the day, but they found someone else who could. Not much else exciting in town, went to the juice stand and had some mango juice. Good times for sure. Big news of the day was I caught a bat. It flew into the classroom after woolley and lacher went to bed so me, DAngela and Travis decided to catch it. It was a lot like grabbing a kestrel. Then i decided to pull paraistes off of it. Went downstairs to the wet lab where i almost ran into 2 guys with machine guns. After almost having a heart attack i realized it was just the guards so no big deal. Pulled off a bunch of streblids (bat flies) which are now hippoboscids along with a beetle larva that woolley has no clue of what it is. Definatly good times.
Day 12- we went to town for the morning. Cammack and I followed Woolley and Lacher around to the markets, bookstore, craft stores etc. There was all kinds of crazy fruits at the markets, a bunch of it i have no idea what it was. There was an open air meat market with slabs of meat and calliphorids (blow flys) everywhere. Made me hungry. For lunch we went to this small place I got a fish sandwich- really good and only 2.5 EC (like a buck). After this we went to the aerial tram where you rode a tram through the rainforest. It was quite cool. Saw a bunch of huge trees. There was a cool wevil, but we werent able to grab it before the tram passed it. We got new nicknames today- Me and Cammack are now TAC and JAC since thats what are collection event labels say.
Day 13- Church in the morning, got the bishops autograph for my collection. After that me cammack and woolley along with the marine group drove all over the island picking up malaise traps. We sat at rodneys rock for a couple hours while the marine group worked. Cammack and i invented a new game- hit the crab with a rock after bouncing the rock off of a big rock. I got the crab once cammack never did. Ha. I tried vitamalt its a popular drink down here. Woolley described it as Guenises without the alchohol. Well i tried a sip of his and i dont know what guenises hes been drinking but that vitamalt is the nastiest stuff ive ever tasted (well except for the time i accidently drunk a glass of nondairy creamer). So i went for passionfruit juice, some of the greatest stuff in the world.

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