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01 June 2006

Day 4- we hiked to Middleham falls. The hike was nice a bit tiring but the views were incredible. The falls are 300 ft high and we swam in the pool where it hits. Pretty much everyone jumped into the pool off of the rocks about 15 ft up. I finally worked up the courage and jumped off also. It was pretty fun would have been nicer if the water was a tad warmer. After swimming around for a bit longer we were all freezing cold so we got out and ate somemore lunch. One of the kids saw an eel swiming around in one of the other pools it was pretty far down so we didnt get a great look at it but it was still very cool. On the way back Cammack, D'Angela, Woolley, and I set up 4 malaise traps (bug collecting deals you leave up for a week or so) . There was a rainbow that was so bright you could see the entire spectrum clearly. We stopped and took a ton of pictures (one is above) and over time it actually got even brighter until it was basiclly a full rainbow.

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