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25 June 2006

Change in plans for this week, instead of leaving bcs today then going to nm then wtx on wensday Im staying here until thursday then leaving dallas for nm on saturday then going to wtx on the 4th or 5th. My hack partner is a falconer also so this should be good times. I'm probabily going to release Kos while im in wtx I wish I could keep her for another season, but its probabily for the best. She'll do fine im sure considering she believes anything that moves needs to die. Here are some pictures of her hunting and with a bunny she killed.

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Anonymous said...

Just read your comments. Too bad your finger didn't become like my hole in the leg. Daily visits to the wound center for 4 weeks, then 3x/week......

Bugs just coming out here in AK. it's been a cool wet summer so far. 107 shrimp in the pot last weekend.