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24 June 2006

these two pictures are part of the valley of desolation mentioned previously. There were some cool rocks down in there which happened to find their way into my backpack. However when the export stuff happened we had to leave our rocks behind also. So my rocks are locked up in a cabinet down there and maybe the next group will bring them back. I also got some cool coral both recently dead and fossilized.

Me and cammack decided to take pictures of our boots while we were standing on top of this peak we had to climb over on the trail. I love my boots although this pair isnt as perfect as my last pair figures they would discontinue my favorite style. I figured out a new way to lace them though so while it take 5 minutes to lace they are now waterproof even when submerged. The last picture is what clem (bus driver/guide) calls the worlds largest wooden barrel. It pipes water to the hydroelectric plant where most of the islands power is generated. The pipe is made totally out of boards and is probabily 4-5 ft in diameter.

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