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04 July 2006

So lets see since my last post ive made it to Santa Fe, NM spent a couple days mostly doing nothing (well I did set a couple malaise traps yesterday) and now im getting ready to head down to van horn. The plan is to leave after fireworks on the 4th. This is the 1st time in a while I havn't been in west texas for the 4th. No party at the post in Marathon for me this year I guess. In santa fe we normally go to the pancake breakfast for the 4th but apperently we're boycotting it this year becasue the united way which hosts it stopped giving money to a bunch of charities my grandpa likes so no pancakes for me tomorrow. And to top it off home fireworks are illegal because of the drought so the 4th in santa fe really doesnt seem like the 4th at all. Thats all for now, tomorrow ill try and put up the actual post for santa fe.

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