Life as a falconer, insect systematist, and double Masters Student (or a look into the mind of someone who is questionably sane).

22 July 2006

Got to go to Ms. Tonys with the Millers so that was good times. Went to Ft Davis yesterday, picked up Lauren on the way in then the two of us and katie went to town. Post office was uneventful, couldnt send my paperwork i needed to since I left it at the otel apparently. O well, guess monday will be soon enough. Picked up bluebell at the Caboose then took Lauren back to the ranch. While there we looked at the BC she had found, lots of broken nooses. Walking back around to the front I spotted another one so of course as falconers we had to play with it too. So tempting. Back to the otel then to the site where low and behold our birds didnt show up unti 2045, as has become their custom. Uneventful night spent doing my homework and working on my abstract for ESA. I also got the news of our Dominican bugs arriving at TAMU, mostly in 1 piece. Definatly made my day.
Today it was life as usual at the site then back to the otel where we were soon met by Lauren. DQ for lunch where we all got brownie bater blizards- one of my favorites. Back at the otel lauren and I had a good time talking birds and that sort of thing. Hopefully well meet up tomorrow at the house in valentine then head to davis and swap out my traps. We got a trace of rain today but not even enough to make the roads wet. Hopefully this means itll start raining again, we need it so bad out here.

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