Life as a falconer, insect systematist, and double Masters Student (or a look into the mind of someone who is questionably sane).

17 July 2006

Made it to a&m without any serious damage although my windsheild did get a nasty pit from being hit by with a rock on 21 comming into caldwell. Usually I can do that drive without even noticing but it totally killed me today, guess it was the extra hour coming from van horn. It just seemed to last forever. First stop was Heep. We figured out the plan for dinner with Dietrich and his 2 grad students and then I went home to try and recover from the drive. Once i was at least approaching coherent it was back to a&m where I had to wait for the worlds longest train (130 cars and I didn't even see the engines) go through campus. Went to dinner at a mexican place- keep in mind Ive been doing field work on the border so i eat mexican every other meal it seems like. The place we went was pretty dang good though, have to remember it and figure out how to get there since I definatly have no idea. Between the drive and not eating breakfast or lunch I was pretty out of it at first. Talked to Dietrichs grad students some and then we discussed possible MS projects for me. I liked the sound of this one Dietrich mentioned that would look at genus level relationships, host associations, and various other aspects. Itd take a while to do, but hey why get out of school any earlier than you have to? Especially since Carla told woolley I should be able to take naps since there good for you. Take that woolley. Then it was back to the lab where I got to help sort leafhoppers to subfamily which is a bit of an adventure for me since I learned leafhoppers backwards- going straight to genus and basicly disregarind any other level. Now that I know better though Im trying to learn the subfamilies so this was my first real test. Well see how it goes when Dietrich looks at my bugs tomorrow.

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