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16 July 2006

Been along time since the last post, its been crazy here. The birds are doing great- flying pretty well and eating a ton of quail. We have 3 birds that come to the tower to eat multiple times a day, and 1 that shows up when she feels like it. We are now on the p-fund exercise plan- raven runs and cow chases. Ravens discovered the site a few days ago and now they can be expected to appear a time or two between 645 and 900 each morning, so we have a nice run to start the morning. The cows discovered the site yesterday and after chewing on the electric fence for a minute decided that it was worth persuing more so they went through the fence. After chasing the cows and repairing the fence the next adventure was announced- change in hack partners. Apparently there one of the other pairs wasnt going so well so they decided to split the falconers. Too late- we had already decided we were trapping passage hen goshawks together in 2007 (well unless we decided to pull eyas prairies). We went home cooked up some dinner and did what falconers world wide do- drink beer and talk birds. By the end of the night we decided it was a ton of fun to have someone to discuss the evils of 186-a's with and that sort of thing. My new hack partner is pretty cool, she use to fly birds for the air force and she wants to be a falconer, so it should be ok. I leave tomorrow for bcs, so hopefully I can post pictures from there- I have a ton.

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