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15 May 2006

Were going to give this blog thing a try. I figure rather than sending e-mail updates out to everyone about Dominica (Caribbean Island I get to hang out on and destroy the insect population on) well do this. If it works out maybe I'll keep it up so I can bore everyone with tales of my life.

We leave for the island in about a week (to be exact 7 days minus 13 hours or so). In that amount of time we have 16 duffle bags of gear to pack, who knows how many more runs to the biobio store (my newest favorite place), and of course all the implements of bug killing to gather. So today was planning meeting number 10 and list number 5 with Woolley- were making progress but as usual we keep adding more things.

In other news I went to Post Oak and bought a sweet new knife with my ento BFF- a blue Smith and Wesson, no assist opening but o well, next time. I also ordered my computer in a race against the clock/plane hopefully it makes it. And my carbon fiber tubes finally came in so I can build my light sheet (insect collecting device for those not ento people around).

Well I'll leave it at that so as not to bore yall too bad. Back to drawing Neurop wings for me.

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