Life as a falconer, insect systematist, and double Masters Student (or a look into the mind of someone who is questionably sane).

30 May 2006

I finally have internet again. As long as i dont have access to it i dont really miss it but once its back up i havn't gotten off it. So where to begin- guess ill start at the begining. So my alarm went off at 515 and i stared blankly at it until cammack called me at 520. Couldnt figure out what was making the funny sounding noise. Mika picked me up about 545 and at 552 the 3 of us passed woolley (my major prof and the prof leading the trip) who was stopped at a stoplight. we decided we had to beat him to the airport so we sped off. In our excitment of beating him mika missed the exit to the airport so we had to go all the way up past 47 and circle back around. We got to the stop sign and as we were stopping we saw woolleys white truck so me and cammack told her to go for it- we ran the stopsign, cut him off and made it to the airport first. We were deprived our victory celebration though since we went to different loading and unloading levels. O well. We made it to dallas with only minor issues- mine and cammacks insect nets were considered dangerous weapons so we had to check them. If i wanted to kill off a flight crew a 50$ bioquip net would not be the weapon of choice. In dallas we got to our next gate, met up with maria so i could get my laptop and other toys she was bringing me. We flew into puerto rico and went to our hotel. The bus got stuck in a hole and we had to drag all our gear the last block or so. welcome to the carribean. We went out to dinner at a mexican resturant I had steak and onions with the local beer it was pretty dang good. Nice ordering a beer without worrying about stupid drinking laws. Anyways on the way back to the hotel we stopped at the ocean and played around in it for a while. The next day we flew from San Juan to Dominica. The plane was delayed because of a volcano eruption on Monserat- welcome to the carribiean round 2. This gave me time to deal with some falconry issues that were rapidly exploding. The flight down was uneventful until it was time to land. We had to circle for awhile so we got a nice tour of the island. The landing was everything my uncle joe had described- you land in a canyon you thing your going to die then maraculiously youre on the ground a couple hundred feet from the ocean. We went through immigration and customs then drove to the station. We got here, found out the internet had been down for 3 weeks and there was no set date for the part to arrive from the states. The part finally got here today and weve all been on the net ever since. Thats all for now, maybe ill put somemore up later tonight if not itll be tomorrow.

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