Life as a falconer, insect systematist, and double Masters Student (or a look into the mind of someone who is questionably sane).

31 May 2006

Ready for somemore ramblings? Day 2 in dominica there was a trip to town. I got to go at the last minute (they were litteral about to drive away) so i had no money, no passport, no nothing. We went to the TrueValue and I was sent to go find some wood for one of the girls. Then we went to the bank so everyone else could exchange money. We ended up splitting into groups with me and Christine going with Woolley and everyone else going with Lacher to look for batteries. We wandered around the area watching the crane working on the harbor until the rest of the group showed up. Then we went to the drug store to get alchohol for the malaise traps. The store took forever but on the bright side I talked woolley into buying me a coke. All the cokes are in glass bottles so you have to drink them at the store. I got my coke just as the alcohohol was ready so i got to chug my coke in about a minute. Ive never drunk a coke so fast but that coke was damn good. We went to an internet cafe and played around on that for a while then went to the market to get some snacks and laundrey soap then back to the station. We took a tour of the station- climbed down to this huge fig tree. The roots were butressed and must have extended up to 10 ft or so. It was crazy. Then we went to the top of mt. Joy where the old field station was before it burnt down. We did some insect collecting up there then came back down for dinner. The picture is from the trail to the fig tree. On the way down the trail woolley had a revelation about the nonworking extension cord. Turns out they have a fuse in them thats probibily blown. We checked it and sure enough thats the issue. We found and replaced the fuse and got the lighttrap up and running. The true insect carnage can begin.

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