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09 February 2012

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5ii 2012
0116- playing WoW
0310- playing online
0444- sleeping
2036- watching the super bowl

Random Fact- The Giants set a record of having the poorest season record of any Superbowl champion

Lunch- rice and sausage 
Dinner-burgers and brownies 

Brad and I went to Lowes to buy the supplies we needed for our various bird encloses.  We had to race home at 2 so I could do the WoW study I had signed up for, only to discover it had been canceled due to technical difficulties.  So instead we cut the lumber and assembled the long sides and decided we could start a custom budget construction company if the whole academia thing didn't work out.  About 1730 we went over to Chris's to watch the Super Bowl and have dinner.  I was happy the Giant's won and thought it was a great game- its always fun when a game where you don't have strong feelings about who you want to win goes down to the wire like that...

6 ii 2012
0434- sleeping
1057- on my way to campus
2024- at Mad Hatters with Eric
2233- setting up a quick BEAST analysis

Random Fact- Newfoundland didn't become part of Canada until 1949

Lunch- Freebirds steak, cheese, and sour cream burito 
Dinner- rice and sausage  

Eric and I had decided to meet up and make Ira take us to lunch which worked out quite nicely.  I found out Eric is considered a faculty member, a fact I find frightening.  I managed to get a tray of Xyphon databased, I'm getting close to the end finally.  The only really exciting thing I did today was some basic BEAST analyses with the new data.  I split out the Hecalus and so far it looks like there are two clades of Hecalus- a New World and an Old World group. 

7 ii 2012
0317- sleeping
0454- sleeping
1420- driving around trying to trap hawks
1950- dinner with Eric

Random Fact- You have to be on the graduate faculty to be on graduate committees, just being a faculty member isn't enough.
Lunch- Sausage plate and potato salad at J Cody's 
Dinner- chunky steak at Pho John's  

Had an unsuccessful trapping trip- saw a bunch of birds but they were all either uninterested or interested enough to come down but not hungry enough to land on the trap- rather they would land next to it and foot it from the side.  It was a really pretty day out though, with the sun shining it was a typical Texas spring day.  The big news though was that The Wildlife Techniques book is officially published, can't wait to actually get my copy of it.  I had a momentary scary though at dinner- since Eric is a faculty member now maybe he could also be on graduate committees, so I texted Ira and found out luckily that he can't.  As Ira said, the world is still safe. 

8 ii 2012
0159- reading a Victoria Thompson book
0240- sleeping
1539- databasing leafhoppers- 1 more drawer left
1720- at home watching TV

Random Fact- DIVA tends to infer ancestral ranges to include all the daughter taxa ranges because it treats vicariance as the null model (with a 0 cost) while disbursal and extinction have costs of 1.

Dinner- a pastry with ground beef and potatoes that Kira made  

Today I led the systematics discussion group meeting on Bayes-DIVA.  It went pretty well, and the fact 1/3 of the paper was spent bashing one of the profs who was in the group made it pretty amusing.  I think the paper was a bit advanced for some of the students, but it went well overall.  Amazingly, I found out the Jen in the group was the same Jen I went to High School with- she recognized me when I came in and I had been wondering about it myself...  Other than that spent the evening playing worms with Brad and Kira and doing some work in the lab.

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