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15 February 2007

Life with a bird again

Pretty much the last few weeks has been composed of spending as much time as possible with Boeri. Hes doing realy well. I have been working on the screaming at this point by trying to vary the routine and also have him see people as much as possible so feeding becomes such a small percentage of the time its not noticed. The conclave team helped with this since they were practicing a fair amount at the house so i would block the bird in the living room where he could see everyone. Boeri would scream for a bit then quite down and hang out on one foot, occasionaly baiting off but quickly regaining the perch. I would feed him mid way through these gatherings, by doing a few jumpups for tidbits. He doesn't like coming horizontally but will go the lenght of his leash vertically no problem. He seems to do well eating twice a day 15g or so feeding up to 277 each time.

Lab has been going fine also, they had their first lab pratical also. It went ok, I wish I had gotten to be tricky with the specimens and put out some not typicals, but o well.

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