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25 November 2006

Random trips to houston and Turkey (well actually steak)time

Nothing much going on since my last rambling post about the softball team. Just trying to pass my classes and graduate in a timly manner. Working on a bunch of papers some for class some for publication. I think I've written over 100 pages in the last 5 days. Crazyness. A few fun stories stick out- the Houston trip last weekend, dinner at Woolleys, Elephant Walk, and Thanksgiving.

Me, Cammack, Aubrey, and Josh went to Houston to go to REI. The drive was uneventful and we got to REI with plenty of time to wander around before closing. Aubrey needed to buy boots for our Guatemala trip so that was the first stop. After she picked out her new best friends (boots can make or break a trip) we got the accessorys- boot liners, socks, and looked at laces. I was sad because they were going to get me some new boot laces, like cammacks but blue. However, we couldn't find them though. I found a pair of pants I liked on sale. They are those zippy ones that turn onto shorts. The ones in the womans section were too big for me so it was off to the kids section. That was the one thing I learned from living in the dorm freshman year- boys section will fit small people and tends to be cheaper. Sure enough, same pants but they fit and cost less. So I have a new pair of collecting pants just in time for Guatemala. Lots of pockets for kill jars. Then we tested headlamps by shineing them in eachother's eyes to see which ones were the most blinding. Good times. On my way to checkout I saw the TPWD magazine was about pointers so I grabbed one of those for good measure. It was about dinner time so we decided that since we were in houston we should eat somewhere other than the normal places. None of us had any preferences so we just drove around for a bit. Josh suggested Chinese so that was where we went. We picked a place that was sort of amusing. The inside looked like it was run by the Chinese mafia. It was dark, large, and empty. The furnature was ornate as was the artwork. The servers were dressed very nicely. But in a total disconnect they were playing christmas music in the background. Wierd. The food was pretty good though. We decided to have a bonding experience and all eat the little peppers in Aubrey's dinner. She claimed they wern't hot. The rest of us beg to differ. Mine was so hot I could actually feel the roots in my teeth go numb. Never again!. After that it was back to BCS where I was going to follow Cammack back to his house to get some stuff. Well I managed to run out of gas between Aubreys and Cammacks. Luckily Cammack came to my rescue and took my gas can and filled it up. I think his job it to ensure I survive my college carrer, and hes doing a pretty good job at that.

We had a party a woolley's as a dominica reuion. Got there in time to hold the flashlight for woolley while he barbaqued the burgers. We had fun making fun of veggie burgers with cammack and Carla. Once we got all the burgers cooked it was time to eat. Tons of food. I was unofficially relegated to eating in the kitchen while everyone else got to eat in the living room with the white carpet and light colored furnature. Cammack ate with Carla and I, kinda amusing since I didn't spill but cammack did. So I got to make fun of him for that. After dinner we watched the slideshow of pictures from dominica with all the rest of the people there. Definatly good times. It was nice seeing Lacher again. Looks like he will be coming back to be dept. head. He was visiting A&M again as the 1st choice for the position. Don't remember if I posted about that. The e-mail got sent out at like 630 in the morning on the day of the 406 overnight fieldtrip. So I was the only one to know on the trip since I'm the obsessive e-mail checker and saw it as I was walking out the door at 635. I didnt even think about it until I called Cammack to tell him and Bob heard me talking and asked about it. Cammack got Lachers cell number from Woolley and called him to congradulate him. I called him a bit later also, he was in lubbock doing a outside review or something.

Elephant Walk went pretty well. I went with Cammack and his roommates although sticking together was virtually impossible, sorta like hearding cats. We had a good time. Maria and Iana were in one of the stuck buses (they were just randomly riding around) and as I went by I waved at them and maria took a picture of Cammack and me. I'll put the picture up if Maria is ever allowed to e-mail it out (it costs 25cents apparenlty and shes been forbidden to do so). When we got to accademic plaza the two of us ran into nagle and said hi to Lacher since it was during the reception for him, then back out to Elephant Walk.

Thanksgiving went pertty well, my grandpa Ike flew in so that was nice. We ate flite minion (since none of us like turkey), stuffing, pie (mine and dads lemon of course) and more food ive sence forgotten. The highlight of the day though was listening to Alicies Resturant on KZPS with Cammack. It does come on at noon, not 230 like i though.

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